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Executive search, and much more

Trust and long-term partnership at the basis of tailor-made solutions

We were one of the pioneers in Italy of executive search and this has always been our core business. However, our particular way of interpreting this difficult profession – characterised by an in-depth analysis of the business and corporate context – has led us to engage on different and broader themes. With the same spirit as always, with the same personalisation and with renewed professionalism, we have therefore begun to offer management consulting services to our clients, from organisational assessment to strategic review and extraordinary transactions (M&A), and to support them over the long-term in the delicate processes of generational transition.

Executive Search

Like people, organisations go through different stages of development, redefining their objectives and strategies over time according to the context in which they operate and their maturity. Each client and each candidate are special in their own way: our mission is to find the most suitable match for the success of both. To do this, we use the most advanced individual assessment tools, such as Hogan, of which we are a certified partner.

Finding the most suitable candidates, however, is only a small part of our work: it is also indispensable to know how to attract, reassure and involve them, supporting them in the selection process and in the first months of their placement, so that they can join the new organisation expressing their full potential.

We also apply this rigorous approach to searches for temporary managers, whom we identify thanks to an extensive network of relationships with specialised professionals. In addition, we are able to support our clients in the identification of board members, in order to introduce into the board expertise and a vision in line with the highest standards and requirements of modern corporate governance for listed and unlisted companies.

Organisational assessment

Rapid core business growth, mergers and acquisitions, expansion into new sectors, international growth. These are just a few of the many contexts in which it is important for organisations to assess the adequacy of their structure and, if necessary, adapt to follow (or anticipate) changes in their business or governance.

In such cases, our support is structured along 3 main lines of analysis: skills; organisational structure and roles; processes and tools. Naturally, in addition to the analysis – which we may also carry out during the due diligence phase – we combine proposals for tangible and feasible solutions that take into account the current and prospective specificities of each client.

Management consulting

The transversal nature of our approach, the skills of our team and the unique perspective that our profession has always offered us, have allowed us to develop the ability to assist our clients on very different topics.

Whether it is a specific project, such as the introduction of an incentive system, or the general overhaul of strategy, possibly to be carried out through extraordinary transactions (M&A), we are able to support our clients with an approach that is always customised and oriented towards long-term success. If necessary, we draw on an extensive network of high-calibre companies, professionals and investors with very specific expertise, which we help to make available to our clients in a way that is best suited to the circumstances each time.

Generational transition

Our region is going through an unprecedented historical moment: after decades of extraordinary entrepreneurial success, thousands of companies are facing the very delicate phase of generational transition, often for the first time. A transition that cannot be botched and for which there is no single formula, equally applicable to different contexts.

This transition in many cases intersects with the process of management involvement, to the point that the latter may become the key success factor.

Over the years, we have assisted many entrepreneurial families in the introduction of the first top management figures (CEO/GM) and their front line. We are therefore familiar with the peculiarities of these projects, the delicacy of the decisions to be adopted, the points of attention for entrepreneurs and candidates, and we have developed the experience and sensitivity to deal with them in the best possible way.

The generational transition can also be enabled by extraordinary operations: the entry of a financial investor (e.g. a private equity fund or a family office) or a strategic investor (e.g. a multinational company) into the capital with a majority or minority stake, or the listing on regulated markets, can prove decisive in passing the baton (and the helm) from one generation to the next. And yet successfully preparing for these operations, depending on the company’s level of maturity, takes between three and five years. Improvising – or chasing impromptu opportunities – inevitably leads to a failed operation or “sell-out”. We are able to support our clients in defining a clear route that over the medium-to-long term allows them to build their unique “equity story” and accompany them step by step to the goal.

We unlock the growth potential of organisations and people

Marco Di Falco

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Born in Treviso in 1981. After completing his classical studies, he graduated in Law cum laude from Bocconi University in 2003. Between 2003 and 2005 he worked in Milan at the law firms Gianni Origoni Grippo & Partners and Lombardi Molinari e Associati, dealing mainly with M&A.

In 2005 he joined McKinsey & Company, where he remained until 2013 assisting Italian and foreign clients operating in very different sectors and contexts. 

From 2007 to 2009 he was in Boston, where he obtained an MBA from Harvard Business School.

In 2013 he joined Coesia, a multinational company based in Bologna and a world excellence in packaging machinery, where he took responsibility for the Group’s Business Development and Strategic Planning. In this role he was to lead the M&A team, completing acquisition and divestment transactions with Italian and foreign counterparts, industrial investors and private equity funds. He also supported the senior management of Group companies in the strategic and operational development of their respective businesses.

In 2016, he co-founded EasyCoop, the food e-commerce business developed with Coop Alleanza 3.0. As Chief Operating Officer he had responsibilities spanning operations, sales and finance and control, contributing decisively to the development of one of the most innovative food e-commerce companies in Europe.

Over the years, he has advised leading Italian and foreign private equity funds, especially in the industrial sector and within the sphere of M&A transactions.

In 2021 he acquired Dotto Research and took over its leadership.

In 2023 he was elected member of the Board of Directors and Vice Chair of Penrhyn, one of the main international networks of independent executive search firms. In 2024 he was elected Chairman of Penrhyn.

A profile with an international outlook but strongly rooted in the North East of Italy, he follows selected executive search and consultancy assignments, placing at the service of entrepreneurs and managers a background that combines experience in advisory, direct management and extraordinary transactions.

Passionate about various sports (including spearfishing, skiing, tennis, trekking), he was above all else a member of the youth selections of Benetton Rugby and the Italian national rugby team, with which he participated in the U19 World Cup. And it is precisely in the course of his life as a sportsman that his great passion for people, their individual and collective development, and the awareness of how crucial the role of the team is for the success of the individual, and vice versa, have grown.