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Dotto Research


Often the best solution to face transition or changing phases is to temporarily give, the management of a company or of a specific division, an external manager.

The temporary manager characterised by specific competences and experiences and with sector, market or product expertise, may represent the best solution to face changing and transition periods.

Companies are increasingly relying on this temporary support. It enables them to hire Human Resources with high professional and managerial expertise for a required and determined period in order to manage a specific project like:

  • opening of new markets;
  • implementing new systems and processes;
  • generational turnover;
  • turnarounds;
  • M&A;
  • development of new businesses in Italy and abroad;
  • financial and operative reorganizations;
  • Change Management projects;
  • process to share company capital to Private Equity funds;
  • rapid coverage of temporarily uncovered positions;
  • managerial skills in the due diligence phases.

Also in this case we can support the customer on the basis of our knowledge of professionals networks with known and proved value and experience. They are professionals, which have made the choice to act as Temporary/Interim Manager because they find motivation and incentives measuring themselves with challenging situations requiring rapid and incisive responses.