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Dotto Research


We assist our Clients in case of M&A deals, organizational changes and setting of new corporate roles linked to reorganization processes.

Our support integrates the knowledge of the business scenario to the direct knowledge of the managers, their values ​​and their approach to the business.

The evaluation of the candidatures, both internal or external, is carried out through a rigorous individual assessment led by experienced and professionals partner of Dotto ReSearch.

Individual assessment is a valuable tool to identify candidates’ characteristics and aptitudes.

This process, based on parameters agreed with the Customer, is developed in three phases:

  • context analysis;
  • audit and assessment;
  • summary and organizational proposal.


The same methodology is applied to the Due Diligence processes, carried out during company acquisitions and financing, and includes:

  • briefing with the client;
  • interview with Key Managers;
  • fairness assessment;
  • evidence of current and future critical issues;
  • test.