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Dotto Research


The right company determines a person’s success.
The right person determines the success of a company.

Our target is to identify the most suitable managers and address them toward the right company.

It is not enough to know where to find the right managers, we know how to attract, involve and retain them in order to create value for the organization.

There are no common solutions suitable for everyone. Each case is a story in itself.

This is why we believe that it is fundamental to build collaborative and trusting relationships with our clients and candidates. Only by working together, step by step, we can find the best solution.

The pillars of our job tools are an extremely vast and solid network of personal contacts, developed in more than 30 years of activity, an updated database with the best professionals in different company positions and the direct research carried out throught our professional and confidential staff of researchers.

Our methodology is made by following steps:

  • preliminary briefing with the client: analysis and understanding of the organization, company culture and sector, description of the requested role and skills, job specification and other requirements;
  • identification and interviews of candidates;
  • presentation to the customer of a shortlist of candidates consistent with the selected profile;
  • relazione dei consulenti al Cliente;
  • organization and support during the meetings between client and candidates;
  • support during the negotiation within client and candidates ;
  • Follow-up with client and hired candidate to check the success of the research over the years.